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We Are In 10th China International Pipeline Expo Shanghai

Our company has promoted and showcased cutting-edge technology in the field of pipeline construction, specifically rolling pipe thread technology. This innovative technique can be widely applied in the installation and construction of urban gas pipelines, offering numerous advantages such as zero quality defects, excellent practicality, and simple operation. Furthermore, it is anticipated that this technology will also be extended to other pipeline application fields including HVAC systems, power stations, chemical industries, and equipment.
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Participating In The International Hardware Fair: Opening A New Chapter In Global Hardware Trade

"We are thrilled to represent our company at the International Hardware Fair. This is a golden opportunity to introduce our advanced products to a global audience and establish long-lasting professional relationships," said the company spokesperson.At the fair, we look forward to interacting with other industry leaders, gaining deeper insights into market trends, and exploring potential collaborations. We also hope to leverage this platform to understand customer preferences and requirements better to ensure enhanced customer satisfaction in our future offerings.
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Attending The Asia Expo In Guangxi - A Global Trade Milestone

Singapore and Vietnamese customers are discussing PCFS innovation rolled pipe nipples at the Asia Expo in Guangxi, which is an international platform that brings together various industries to showcase breakthrough innovations and foster business relationships. It offers opportunities for trade exploration, networking, and global understanding. The expo demonstrates the strength of Asian businesses and encourages collaborations across sectors. Participation signifies a commitment to the Asian market and a clear global vision.
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