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By integrating our rolling pipe nipple technologies, you and I can make small contributions to reducing gas emissions while building a modern society. Climate change is the defining issue of our time, and we are all aware that action must be taken. But how? Shanghai Pan-China Fastening System Co., Ltd. ( PCFS ) brings its non-metal chip cutaway rolled pipe nipples to play a strategic role in leading safe green pipeline construction. No matter where your transformation journey takes you or which industry you work in, PCFS will support you on your path to safe green pipeline construction.  

PCFS is a manufacturer with over 15 years of experience in pipe nipple production, thanks to our innovative rolling technologies that have been patented in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, India, Hong Kong, Britain, Germany, France, and other countries. By using rolled NPT or BSPT threads instead of traditional cutting or threading, we not only provide you with trouble-free pipe nipples but also benefit the environment by reducing the use of production cooling oil and eliminating metal waste. Rolled pipe nipple results in faster installation time and fewer callbacks while saving on labor costs. Additionally, our connections offer more reliable anti-leakage properties and stronger resistance to tensile and bending during earthquakes. Furthermore, they have a longer lifespan compared to traditional pipe connections which can save you significant costs when it comes to new construction projects.

We have high expectations for using rolled pipe thread connections as a substitute for steel pipe welding to achieve more reliable connections, much higher installation efficiency, and zero carbon emissions during pipeline construction.